Apps That Help Travelers Eat Healthy Abroad

Eating healthy when travelling abroad is a concern for many, fortunately now there is an app for it. Eat Well Global, Inc. has developed a set of apps that function as a “nutritionist in your pocket.” The apps provide food guides for various countries to help business and leisure travelers maintain healthy eating habits and manage their diet while traveling in a foreign place.

The new apps being released this week only cover a limited number of countries and there is a separate app for each. So far, the apps include Eat Well Israel, China, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and Venezuela. The apps include insights from local registered dietitians to help you find healthy and energizing foods that are also authentic to the region. The country guides are currently available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. Each individual app costs $2.99, there is also an Eat Well for Business Travel app that is $1.99.

The Eat Well for Business Travel app is created for business travelers who are looking for tips, tools, and resources for how to eat well while on business trips. Special tips include how to eat well in an airport or in a meeting. The Eat Well Global country guides cover a variety of tips. The guides explain “How to Eat Well,” which provides a look at the host country, a market tour, food safety information and dishes that are typical to that location. The app also explains “Where to Eat Well” which outlines nutritionist-approved listings in major cities such as restaurants, market, delivery services and cooking schools. The “Eating Well with Special Dietary Needs” feature helps those who are looking for meals that are low fat, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten free, or allergy safe. It provides listings of where to get these foods and audio files in the country’s language that will help make ordering easier.