Electronics Checks Coming to US Airports Soon



A new requirement is going into effect soon for U.S.bound fliers at overseas airports. Turning on electronics to show that the devices aren’t bombs is being expanded to certain passengers on domestic flights. A limited number of travelers in U.S. airports selected for extra screening will have their devices checked too. The checks at U.S. airports won’t apply to every flier and will be used more sparingly than at overseas airports. Other procedures being implemented overseas, including different kinds of pat-downs and shoe checks, won’t be brought to U.S. airports. Added checkpoint procedures have the potential to create airport delays. During the new security examinations, screeners may ask that owners power up some devices, including mobile phones. Devices selected for this screening that can’t turn on won’t be permitted to board. British Airways also warned transfer travelers not to deplete power on devices during the first part of their journey because of these new checks.