Salem, MA to Become a Cruise Port

The Salem News reports that the former coal dock is being refitted to accommodate cruise ships. Work is ongoing at the Footprint power plant site in Salem, where the former coal dock is being refitted for cruise ships. The dock is expected to be ready in time for the arrival of the first midsize cruise ship to the city on Sunday, Oct. 19. With just two weeks until the first cruise ship is scheduled to arrive there, city officials say two other cruise ships have already been scheduled, and more are on the way. The Seabourn Quest is scheduled to arrive Sunday, Oct. 19, midway through a 14-day trip from Montreal to Florida. Although the project to repurpose the coal dock is still ongoing, it’s on schedule and expected to wrap up in time for the 650-foot ship’s visit. That will be the first time the city has been able to host what’s known as a “midsize” cruise ship, which can be 800 feet long and have a maximum capacity of 2,250 people, crew included. Two ships have signed up for visits next year, the first of which will mark the first time a cruise ship coming from Europe will visit the city.